Thursday, February 18, 2016


I am a little late getting these posted.
I needed a new laptop. I don't use one a lot, but I do need one to cut to my cutter. The one I had was still running XP. It had gotten so slow that I could take a nap in-between screens, and it would no longer allow me to access the web or my cloud files. I had resorted to using a thumb drive to share files created on my desktop and moved to my laptop for cutting. Heaven forbid if I needed to make a correction to one of the cutter files.
While I was at it, I decided I needed a new desktop as well. Setting up a new computer is not my favorite way to spend my time...and it does take a lot of time. Thus the reason I am late getting these posted.

Both of these are very simple popup cards.
The first one took a lot of time to make because I created all the graphics, from the background paper thru the pop-cycles to the sundae glass, from scratch. I didn't have anything already done that I could borrow.

This second one starts off with a quickie garden scene that I painted. It is painted on a canvas board which was a headache to photograph because of the heavy texture of the board. I got 'er done though and used the digital file to create the background image. All I had to do then was make a bottom background that coordinated with the scene and create the individual letters. Much, much faster.

Not shown, are the labels I made to write on. It wasn't really necessary because there is plenty of lighter area to write on the bottom of the card itself, but I liked it.
They were done for a challenge on the Make-the-Cut and Pop-Up Card Studio Facebook page and I needed to get them photographed.

I really enjoyed making them which is what I am all about these days. Just having fun!

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