Thursday, February 18, 2016

So it begins!

I don't know what came over me, but I decided to change my business website to a craft site. I don't need the business one any longer so why not re-do it, right?
I started the coding right after the first of the year and was coming along nicely until I decided I needed new computers. Ya gotta know what a headache that is. I had already updated the graphic card as much as possible and the OS on my desktop all the way from Vista through to Windows 10. Still, it really was time for a major hardware upgrade.
Anyway, that all is mostly done, but my website was put on hold and is not completed. I just couldn't wait, though. I put up what I have finished and will continue to update it as time allows and when I am able to decipher all the post-it notes I have sticking everywhere.
It really is just in the start-up phase. I have so much more I want to do and share.

If you would like to see, you can go to Elsa.


I am a little late getting these posted.
I needed a new laptop. I don't use one a lot, but I do need one to cut to my cutter. The one I had was still running XP. It had gotten so slow that I could take a nap in-between screens, and it would no longer allow me to access the web or my cloud files. I had resorted to using a thumb drive to share files created on my desktop and moved to my laptop for cutting. Heaven forbid if I needed to make a correction to one of the cutter files.
While I was at it, I decided I needed a new desktop as well. Setting up a new computer is not my favorite way to spend my time...and it does take a lot of time. Thus the reason I am late getting these posted.

Both of these are very simple popup cards.
The first one took a lot of time to make because I created all the graphics, from the background paper thru the pop-cycles to the sundae glass, from scratch. I didn't have anything already done that I could borrow.

This second one starts off with a quickie garden scene that I painted. It is painted on a canvas board which was a headache to photograph because of the heavy texture of the board. I got 'er done though and used the digital file to create the background image. All I had to do then was make a bottom background that coordinated with the scene and create the individual letters. Much, much faster.

Not shown, are the labels I made to write on. It wasn't really necessary because there is plenty of lighter area to write on the bottom of the card itself, but I liked it.
They were done for a challenge on the Make-the-Cut and Pop-Up Card Studio Facebook page and I needed to get them photographed.

I really enjoyed making them which is what I am all about these days. Just having fun!