Friday, October 16, 2015

An Oldie But Goodie

A few weeks back, I bought my daughter some Halloween songs for her Kindle. She absolutely loves Halloween. And, scary movies.
One of the songs she listened to was the Purple People Eater. She had never heard it before and went nuts. She thinks it is a really cute song. I did too when it first came out....a long time ago.

So, I made her this card for Halloween. It's really only sort of a card. It will never be folded nor put in an envelop. It will just sit out somewhere.
Because of that, I made the base an easel. I created all the background stuff in Photoshop. I used Xara Designer Pro to create the PPE and brought it into Make-the-Cut as a print and cut. I also drew the spaceship in Xara and saved it as a SVG vector file. I used PopUp Card Studio to create a 180° "stand up" of the spaceship. I didn't need it to popup. I used Make-the-Cut to create the paper pieces that are layered on the spaceship and the musical notes.

She likes it and I had fun figuring it all out.