Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Around the House

I really enjoy Spring. We have enough happening around the house to make picture taking fun. It is cool enough in the mornings and evenings to sit and watch what might visit the bird feeders or walk around looking for photo opportunities.

This hole in a telephone pole has been a nesting ground for a number of species of birds. This year it would appear we have Redbellied Woodpeckers. We've seen Momma both inside the hole and hanging around outside. Different days, different skies.

Daddy visits, too.

Indian Blankets are a common wildflower in Texas. Even with ample rain, they don't always bloom alot in our yard, though. We always have some, just not a field full. We did this year.

There is a fancier name for this flower. I can't pronounce it so just stick with the more common name.....Greenthumb.

This is a Texas Thistle with some kind of beetle wondering around in it.

I was very pleased to see these Indian Paintbrushes growing this year. They are prolific in the Texas Hill Country. They bloom about the same time as the Bluebonnets. Even though they are native wildflowers, they are hard to get started in new areas. We have had one or two show up in the past and I won't let my husband mow them until they have dropped their seeds. We had quite a few this year. Maybe it will start a trend.

Last, but not least, my Mother's Day gift from my hubby and daughter. My son and family cooked lunch. What a wonderful day.