Monday, October 07, 2013

Behind, again

And, it is HIS fault, again. But this time it is all good. Hubby is doing some repair work and re-modeling in my craft/sewing room. That has put a temporary halt to my sewing and cutting. He is feeling and acting like himself again. I am beyond thrilled.

I still have access to my computer and am still taking the photo class.

We have had 3 challenges where the techniques to accomplish a final image have been pre-defined. We use our own photos but must use only those techniques.

Here are mine. I don't really remember exactly what techniques each challenge consisted of and I certainly don't remember what all I did to get there. I would read the challenge and find a photo that I thought would be a good fit and go from there. I didn't have a pre-determined idea. I would just sit and play until I fullfilled all the requirements and I had something that I determind was at least OK.

This one was one image, grunged up with textures, some strong lighting and vector graphics. And...other things????

This was two images combined to make a cohesive whole. And...other things???? I took the stagecoach shot as I was riding inside and it went around a curve. The "bandit" shot was taken at a different location. As you can see, I combined the two.

This was one image, textures, borders, lettering and marquee layer offsets, which, in my case, contained another photo. And...other things???? These images were created the old fashion way. They were taken with a SLR camera using transparency film. The large egg shot was taken on a piece of glass that I had spray painted one side with mat black paint. That became the back of the glass, in effect, creating a black mirror which reflected the egg. I broke the egg directly onto the glass. My main light was to the top and back. The red color is from a red laser pointer. The insert picture was taken the same way except I had a friend pretend to be cutting it. No red laser on it.

Finally, this one I did on my own. It is of the other granddaughter. It, too, was taken sometime ago and is a candid shot.