Saturday, January 31, 2015

Charming Fellow

They've been around a lot lately. At least this one wasn't peeking in the window or sitting in the bird feeder.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ladybugs and Thistle

I colored these with alcohol inks. Still working out my techniques.

The background was digitally created and light enough to add additional elements if I choose.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Here is another attempt at using the Spectrum Noir markers.

I tried something different with the background on this one. I digitally created a colored background. I also took a little "artistic license" with the colors that I chose to use.

I've found only one thing so far that I don't particularly like about markers. I am incapable of drawing as fine a line as I would like. Maybe that will improve with time.

EDITED: I tried adding detail with a water-based ink pen. They work great under and over the alcohol markers without smearing as long as they are dry. My problem with the pen lines is that they are consistent in width from the base to the tip. You can't add pressure to deviate the line. For me, this is a must to create flowing, more natural looking lines. Next trusty brush.

Monday, January 19, 2015

I Succumbed

I have resisted purchasing a set of alcohol markers for years. Goodness knows I have enough painting products to last me forever. Are they the brands being sold today for the current paper trends? Not all of them. Are they the same products? Most, yes, and I've done a great many of the "new" techniques in the past just on different surfaces. So...honestly, I didn't really NEED the markers. Not even to keep to speak. That fact has helped me resist them. Until now.

When a friend posted a link to a site that had them on sale, I succumbed. Coincidentally, I had been looking at them again that very morning. I purchased the whole set of Spectrum Noir Markers.

I made a few digital stamps from some of my own drawings while I waited for my markers to arrive. I've managed to complete two of them.
Learning to work with a new painting medium is fun and exciting. For me, though, it is also a slow process. I like to play as I learn and usually end up veering off in umpteen different directions.

Here are scans of the two completed projects.

I did this first one just to see how the markers work and to get the feel of them.

I did this one to see if I could blend the colors to get some mottled texture without distinct edges.

I must say, even though I have a lot to learn, I rather like working with them.