Friday, February 27, 2004

An Egg

Ok, sometimes the weather is not co-operative, sometimes I just get bored.

Breaking an Egg

Like I said.....


I was ready for spring so I purchased these tulips at the grocery store. This photo was taken using the available light from my dining room window.


I liked the way this sunflower was drooping over one of its leaves and shedding pollen. So shoot me!


It had just finished raining when I took this photo of the rose in our flower bed.

The Beast

Crawdads, crawdaddies, mud bugs....take your pick.
When it rains, these are common on our property. I'm glad because they attract birds and other critters that like to feed on them.

This one was in a water puddle in the driveway. When I got down to its eye level to photograph it, he became aggressive. Ohhhhh, I'm so scared.