Thursday, April 14, 2016

Spring is in the Air

Don't you just love it! It's almost as good as Fall.

The bees are out in mass and are really working the flowers. I am so glad to see them. They have been pretty scarce the past few years.

And then there is the poppies added to the mix!

We bought some baby chicks in March. I couldn't get pictures, or at least natural light pictures, because they were in a horse trough in my husband's wood working shop.
Even though it has still been a little cool during most days and, certainly, at night, we had to move them to their new home because it was just getting too crowded. I can't believe how fast they have grown.

This is the home my husband built for them. In an effort to discourage critters and snakes, he built the coop on stilts. He made a run that goes back all the way under the coop for when they need to be contained or when the weather is bad. We fenced in a much larger area for them to explore when they don't have to stay in the run. They are so funny!!
And, yes, that is flowers under the window on the side.

These are Ameraucana Hens. We have four. We have two like the top image and they are almost identical. I can't tell them apart yet. The other two have the same colors just in different configurations and are easy to tell apart.

This is a Buff Orpington Hen. We have two. They are so cute and very hyper.

We also have some Rhode Island Reds and some Production Reds.

All total, we bought 14 HENS, but I think we have a rooster that managed to disguise himself quite well. We shall see! Good thing I am a morning person.