Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Who doesn't love 'em?

The end of our pergola where we have the grill faces west. It gets very hot during major grilling season and the sun shines in your eyes any afternoon and evening. We tried hanging some outdoor bamboo shades, but they didn't last as long as we hoped. So, we covered that end with some fine mesh wire and planted some trumpet vines. They've completely covered the wire which helps with the heat and definitely blocks the sun from your eyes. When they bloom, they are gorgeous. It looks like a solid wall of flowers. They are not that easy for me to photograph, though. I haven't been able to get an image of the full wall of color that suits me nor of the individual flowers that I am really, really pleased with. I keep trying.

I had some minor surgery done and my doctor sent me flowers. Can you believe that?

The first image was taken on my breakfast table and was lit only by the light coming through the bay window.

The second image was taken in my bathroom window. The day was overcast and the window is frosted glass. I noticed that the trees outside were being heavily diffused by the glass and light and thought it would make a good background for the flowers. I had to use some fill flash to keep the flowers from being too dark.

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