Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Dilemma

A Dslr kit that covers a decent focal range can be expensive and cumbersome.  Camera phones are quite fun and there is some extraordinary work being done with them, but they are limited in their focal range. You can't always "get closer". A bridge camera sits somewhere between a point and shoot and a Dslr.

I will be travelling to Ecuador sometime in the near future. I want to take a ton of photos. I don't want to take my Dslr because I cannot afford to replace it should something happen to it. I am not sure I will take my phone since I wouldn't be able to use it. Enter the bridge camera. Light weight, one built-in lens.

My son found and researched the latest release from Nikon in their Coolpix series. When I first entered the digital camera arena, I did so with a Coolpix. It was a great little camera. I used it and one other bridge camera until Dslrs came down in price so as to be affordable for someone other than dedicated professionals.

He liked it for its GPS feature. I liked it for its focal range although the GPS is nice.

So, I am back to learning a new camera. Here are some of my tests ranging in focal length from macro to the camera's amazing 1000mm on the tele end.

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  1. Just beautiful! I don't get out much with my camera anymore, and I really miss it. I need to make some time for it.