Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Wildlife Park is Open

My husband finally got to mow the trail through my wildlife park. I know that sounds odd, but we do have 2+ acres designated as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. It is small, but it benefits the animals, insects, flowers, and humans. We have a fence separating it from our yard with an opening at the beginning and ending of the trail. Other than the narrow path that my husband mows through it, we don't have to do anything to maintain it. That's the part he likes best.

He built a couple of benches along the path so we can sit and watch whatever wildlife happens to be active at the time. The dogs, the cats, the grandkids, their friends....we all enjoy it.

The photo opportunities are great, but vary from year-to-year and season-to-season. That's the part I like best.
This is a Texas Thistle with 2 of my favorite bugs.

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