Monday, May 09, 2011

Straddling the Fence

This is one of our cats. She became a member of our family like all of our other cats, with the exception of two. She was dropped off and wandered up to our house. She was very friendly and would jump up and touch your hand to get you to pet her. She had to have been around people for some time, unlike some of the feral or semi-feral ones that have ventured onto our property. She is the second smallest full grown cat I have ever seen.

She is sitting on the fence between our wildlife park and the yard. Does she want to delve into the jungle of wildflowers, tall grass and trees, or chase bugs on the freshly mowed lawn?

Her name? My oldest Granddaughter named her Dark Shadow. I told her she is more medium value than dark. So, someone stuck that to her name. Medium Value Dark Shadow. One of my students says she is precious. So, she stuck that to her name. Precious Medium Value Dark Shadow. What a big name for such a small cat. We call her Shadow.

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  1. She is so pretty, and has a great name. Love the photo. I have 2 cats of my own, both adopted from the animal shelter.