Monday, January 10, 2011

Rose Print and Cut

I have a Cricut Expression Die Cut Machine. It was originally purchased for my daughter. She said "we" really needed it. The machine is designed to be used with other's pre-designed cartridge elements. This works great for my daughter. However, I found it limiting for my use. But, with software...Make-the-Cut... I am able to create my own designs. With the release of the latest version of the software, I am also able to add textures and pictures to shapes. So, I guess "we" really did need it.

I resently joined the forum for Make-the-Cut. In addition to being extremely friendly and helpful, they have challenges in which members can participate in order to become familiar with the many aspects of the software.

One of the challenges was to get inspired by an outfit and create a card or scrapbook layout. I don't scrapbook, but am very interested in homemade cards.

I found a piece of batik fabric that hasn't yet been made into a garment to use as my inspiration.

This is the card that I made. The snippet in the corner is the batik fabric I used for my color palette.

With the exception of the base card, I used the basic shapes that are integrated into Make-the-Cut to size all the paper layers to my dimensions to create the rest of the card. I designed the textured heart layer in Photoshop and used Make-the-Cut's new print and cut feature, which is fabulous, to cut it out with the cutter.

I painted this rose on a porcelain vase using a photograph that I had taken of a friend's rose as inspiration. I used Photoshop to extract it from a photo of the vase to use it as an element in my print and cut design.

Here's a 300DPI version for those that might like to use it in their print and cut design.

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  1. Anonymous6:13 PM CST

    Thank you for sharing your file with us! It is lovely!