Thursday, June 08, 2017

Day 30_Temporary

Sadly, this is the last day of the Artful Adventures Stroll Challenge. It has been a fun, yet temporary, journey.

There are many options for the word Temporary in my hood.
There is road work going on with temporary road closures, lane changes, barriers, signs warning of said road work and on and on.
It is spring and there are birds nesting which will empty when their fledglings learn to fly.
Wildflowers blooming that will seed and disappear until next year.

Yesterday, there was fog, today it is gone.
Thus, I chose the ubiquitous it can change faster than any of the above.
Spring in Texas is more often than not a harbinger of violent weather. It usually comes in fast and hard then it's gone.

I wasn't sure this tree was going to make it. That is rain diffusing the view and wind that is blowing the tree off its vertical center.

When the rain and wind cleared away it left behind this:

If it rains enough and fast enough and hard enough, the water runs down the hill, under the bridge in our drive and temporarily overflows the wash that goes across the front of our property.

But, it softens the ground and attracts birds of many kinds because of these:

Today, the sun is shining, the air cool and the water gone along with the Yellow Crowned Night Herons. The surviving crawdads have gone back into their holes.


  1. wow- look at all those photos!! Amazing!

  2. Theseare beautiful pictures! Love the fog!