Thursday, June 01, 2017

Day 23 - Subtle

These little spiders are orbweavers of some sort and are abundant in warm weather. They build their webs in the evening from one structure across to another, including the trees on one side of our drive to those on the other side. Their webs are notoriously difficult to see, even in the daylight before they take them down, unless you actually see the spider. When we start our walk in the morning, it is either still dark or barely light. One of us usually carries a stick and bravely walks down the drive first while waving the stick so we don't walk into them. Like snakes, spiders don't bother me if I know what kind they are. But, walking into one of their webs makes my skin seem to crawl all day. Yuck!

I managed to get this image of one of the little dude's web because the sun was low in the sky, and the light reflected off its web.


  1. I know it´s difficult to photograph because I tried it also! Love your pic and I do the same in the morning in our backyard! LOL

  2. Great interpretation and awesome photo!

  3. love the photo and I love what you wrote about it. I am ok with spiders in their area- LOL- I just don't want them in my eye sight ;)