Monday, May 22, 2017

Day 13_Night

Lightning is not always detrimental to shooting photos. IF you are in a safe place!! This was taken from my front porch...waaaay back on my front porch with a telephoto lens. It is not the image that I had envisioned when thinking about a night image, but when all else laid plans...and all that.

The thing about photographing don't aways get what you expect. I love the magenta and blue in the above photo and would use it as a color combination in my artwork. My eyes did not see that. I'm told it is because our eyes and brain work together to translate light into "Memory Colors". Memory Colors are colors that you have seen so often that your brain remembers them and automatically corrects what you auto correct for your eyes rather than for your typed words.

My eyes did not see the colors of this image, either. My camera did and I am glad that it did.

I am learning to watch out for color auto correct just as I have to do for word auto correct.


  1. Really good shot of the lightning!

  2. Wow! Love the lightning foto!

  3. Your night photo is awesome!