Friday, May 19, 2017

Artful Adventure Day 10_Wildlife

We couldn't figure out why she was hanging so close to the house. Normally, they stay in the marshy, wooded area of our "wildlife" park. (Long Story)

Not exactly the best of photos because I couldn't get closer, but it does explain things. She had her kits in our camper shed.

My husband found this dude taking a bath under the water sprinkler. He came in and told me it was there so that I could get a photo. Such a co-operative subject considering I had to lay on the ground next to him to get at eye level. I do like all the colors in his skin. I seem to be on a gray and (whatever) color excursion at the moment, anyway.


  1. ohhhh foxes they are so beautiful. So is the snake :) Awesome pictures!

  2. Wow. The photo of the snake is amazing! The foxes are just plain cute!

  3. Whoa! Amazing photo's!!!

  4. Great photos! Those 🦊 pups are adorable!