Wednesday, December 09, 2015

I really am...

working on my Christmas projects. They're fun and keep my mind focused.
In the evening when I am too tired to work on them and there is absolutely nothing to watch on TV, my mind starts to wonder.
So...I practice creating artistic works from some of my photos.

I've said it before; we don't often get fog. I love the atmosphere it creates and photograph it whenever I can. It can turn a rather mundane scene into something moody and mysterious.
We have a wash that runs across the front of our property. When it rains heavily, the water runs off the hill, across our drive way and into our neighbors tank. In order to keep the water from washing out the drive, we installed large culverts for the water to flow through. This is an image of the bridge my husband built to keep the gravel covering the culverts from being washed away by the falling rain as well.

This image of some elk was taken just outside of the Smoky Mountain National Park early one fall morning. I loved the way the crepuscular rays(sunbeams, sun rays or God rays) were streaming down on them.

Finally, this is an old cabin in the Smoky Mountain National Park.

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  1. Anonymous4:20 PM CST

    Beautiful photos Elsa. Love the bridge! Your husband does good work. Those from the Great Smokey Mountains are from my neck of the woods. We can get a lot of fog in "these parts," especially in the Fall right now. Like you, I love some of the visuals fog can provide. If you are back this wisy again in the future, let me know, would love to meet up with you! Thanks for sharing your photos and work on them. MeFlick (Melanie)