Monday, November 02, 2015

October Should Have Been Cool

At the beginning of October, we went down South around the Texas Hill Country. A lot of German immigrants decided to settle in this area. Anytime of the year you can get great sausages, pastries and beer, but this time of the year they host all sorts of festivals. My husband is German and I knew he would enjoy the festivities. So we went.
Since October is usually beautiful weather wise, we decided to take our camper. I absolutely love a camper, tent or on the ground. The only thing that matters to me is the weather. Everyone knows this by now but I hate HOT weather. Unfortunately, except for one day, it was hot! It was, however, nice in the mornings and evenings.

This is the Colorado River early in the morning. We camped just above it on a hill. We took our coffee and strolled along the path in the mornings and evenings.

These butterflies were flitting around the flowers next to our camper. I don't know what kind it is. I would attempt to identify it, but every time I do, I always get it wrong. So, to me, it is just a beautiful butterfly.

These evidently lived in the pasture behind our camper. They hopped over the fence and paid us a visit every morning. Just not too close.

On our way back home, we found this ghost town. The buildings are real. They all had just been moved to this one location. This is inside the sheriff's office.

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  1. Anonymous12:40 PM CST

    Elsa, your photographs are always so awe inspiring. I love them all. The butterfly image is stunning. Who cares it's "real" name, it's just a beautiful butterfly that's all that matters. Your lake image is so "relaxing". Thanks for sharing your photos. We talk of getting a camper one day. Would love to and explore our beautiful country from near and far. Enjoy yours and thanks for sharing your photos. Meflick