Monday, July 27, 2015

It's Done!

Surgery is over. Both eyes are done. To say that I can see better is an understatement. What a relief!

While I was limited in some of the things I could do, like swimming, (and dusting..hee hee) I could still take my morning walk. I love it and here is part of the reason why.

While this is not everyone's cup of tea, it's certainly mine. How peaceful is that?

We also had some barn swallows build a nest under our side porch. They have done this before but it has been awhile. They are so cute to watch.
A few were noisier than others which appeared to be annoying to some.

They have since grown up and flown the nest.

And last!

I love working digitally but missed using traditional media. The girl is my daughter. I painted a stylistic (??) watercolor of her (1 of 2 watercolors that I have ever done). Sorta like I have seen some do in their journals. I photographed it, printed it and used transfer medium to transfer it to a square plaque which was created in MTC and cut out of chipboard with my Cougar. After cutting it out, I covered the whole thing with plaster cloth then painted it with Deco Art's chalk paint before transferring the photo. The ribbon is a strip of torn muslin dipped in starch and allowed to dry in the form I wanted it. The rabbit was made from paper clay. We see a lot of them on our morning walks and she loves them. The whole thing was not hard to do but a lot of steps and massive drying time between those steps.

She is a pink, lace, ruffles (the more the better) kind of gal. I like those things only in moderation. Hope she considers this a good compromise.

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  1. Anonymous5:14 PM CDT

    Thanks for sharing Elsa. Glad your surgery went well and you can see better. Didn't know you were having anything done though! TFS on your blog from time to time. I check it out from time to time and always enjoy seeing you have a new post. I am sure your DD will like it. Looks great. - MeFlick