Friday, November 08, 2013

Newfound Gap

We recently returned from our trip to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. We stayed on the Tennessee side but went over the mountains through the Newfound Gap into North Carolina 3 times, all early in the morning. By far, the best time of the day!

The first trip over, it was sorta overcast and the fog and blue mist hung low below the mountain peaks. A typical and beautiful site. It was made more so because of the fall colors of the foliage. Fall just happens to be my favorite time of the year.

The second time, while still overcast, the fog and mist weren't as prevalent. As a result, I managed to get the sun as it rose over the mountain top and peeked through an opening in the clouds.

The last time we got there really, really early. Dark! A storm was brewing. It rained a couple of times on the way and while we waited for sunrise, but stopped in time for me to get this shot. Actually this is 3 separate exposures combined into 1 to capture the entire tonal range. Note to self: Buy some fingerless gloves.

We didn't go over again, but the last day we were there, it snowed in the upper elevations, including Newfound Gap.


  1. Anonymous2:59 PM CST

    Beautiful pictures Elsa! Hope you enjoyed your time in my "backyard!" I live in the "Foothills of the Smokies" about 30 minutes away in the Knoxville area! MeFlick

  2. Thank you! I did enjoy myself. It was a fantastic trip.We hadn't been in a long time. We came home thru Knoxville. If I lived that close, I would disappear for days at a time.

  3. Anonymous7:16 AM CST

    a Husband, 2 teenage children who play sports, and a year old Golden Retriever keep me from disappearing (but somedays make me want to disappear for a few days too! LOL) It is one of my favorite things to do though - go up in the Smokies - especially this time of year! Unfortunately, I haven't been lately. 2 nights ago they got some snow! Bet it was beautiful up there then!