Friday, September 13, 2013


I am still working on my Photoshop class homework. While I am doing that, I am "thinking" about another project I want to try with my digital cutter. It has required a lot of research but I think I now have a direction in which to precede. I am still designing the file and have tried a few things that didn't suit so I am planning and picturing it in my head as I work on my photos. Add to that, I am working on a painting. I have reached a brick wall and need to figure out how to proceed with it. I just have to find a crack in that wall to crawl through.

I have APA (Against Photographers Advice) accumulated a lot of images that in no way could be considerd good photos. Most photographers would delete what I have kept as soon as the images are downloaded. Maybe even before. At least that is what they tell me. But, I consider mine a record of memories; adventures taken with friends and family even if they aren't the best. Plus, I don't need good photos to paint from. Hey, they don't even have to be in perfect focus for me to be able to use them as a reference.

I used one of those photos to create a piece for my class.

This was taken at the zoo while on a field trip for home schooled children. None of the animals were particulary co-operative that day.

This is the original picture. Bleh!

This is the first image I created from the original.

I added to the first and created this image.

I like the first one because it maintains the integrity of the white tiger, but I also like the color in the second. I could paint a canvas from either one of them.

Speaking of adding to the first. I added more to the first image I did. The butterfly image. I kept adding until I felt like I was just looking for stuff to stick on it. I knew then that it was enough.

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  1. My fave is the 1st changed one - the white tiger is gorgeous with the grainy effect! Love your work, it always moves me in some way.