Sunday, June 17, 2012

Someone's Birthday and other stuff

My youngest Granddaughter's birthday was the day we arrived in Cuenca.
We had dinner at Tiestos the next night to celebrate. Rated simply the very best restaurant in Cuenca! Family-style servings, fabulous food and a great atmosphere. She and her Dad had been planning this night for months. Because she was the birthday girl, she was given this piece of cake to celebrate. I am not sure what it was. I believe it was a hazelnut cake, but whatever it was, it was absolutely delicious.

It was served on an artistically decorated plate. The design was handpainted onto the plain white plate with some kind of pink, green and yellow jam-like fruit glazes and chocolate syrup.

OK. I admit it. I was a little obsessed with taking pictures from our balcony.
The thing is, with different lighting, different times of day, different weather, things looked different.

These were the flowers that were planted in the pots hanging from our balconies.

One evening, after dark, I looked down from the balcony and saw this young couple spooning rather heavily across the street. Spooning. Isn't that such an old-fashioned word? But it suits. To me, Ecuador was a wonderfully old-fashioned place.

As I watched, a car pulled to the curb and a young girl got out. She did a quick double-take of the entangled couple; then ran down the street and around the corner. What her mission was, I don't know, but the couple never even looked up.

While we were there, we looked at homes to purchase. This would be the view from the front windows and roof-top terrance of one of the homes.  Sigh!
Can you see the blue domes of the New Cathedral?

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