Monday, April 18, 2011

Red Corn Poppy Re-Visited

This is the version I have decided to use. It is not anatomically correct nor does it really have to be. That is one of the things I like about paper. Its purpose is decorative and you can be very creative with it.

However, I wanted the center of this one to be closer to the realistic side. As a result, it is a little fussy. Fussy can be very relaxing to me at times and a royal pain at others. I usually watch TV and make several things at once creating a stockpile of stuff. Then, when I need something, it is already done.

If you care to download the Make-the-Cut file and assembly instructions, the links are listed below.

MTC Poppy Digital Cut File

Poppy Assembly Instructions


  1. Elas this is a beautiful flower, thank you for sharing the file, I am flowers of any kind crazy.

  2. Elsa the poppy came out absolutely beautiful, it looks so real, awesome job on it, TFS!!

  3. I have been patiently waiting. LOL thank you so much for the beautiful flower. I love poppies and mine will be blooming soon.

  4. very pretty. Thank you for sharing

  5. Very pretty. Thank you for sharing.