Saturday, January 08, 2011

Doin' Texas

The good ole US of A is beautiful. I have been to all of the states except Alaska and Hawaii. I would love, love, love to go to Alaska. Just not by cruise ship. Hawaii.....not so much. Don't get me wrong, from every picture and movie I have seen, it is lushly beautiful with magnificant sunsets. I guess I just haven't heard the siren call.

Some states I have been to more than once and would return many more times if given the chance. For others, once is enough.

This year we decided to stay in Texas for our vacations. The spring and fall are the very best times of the year to travel locally. We have a pop-up tent trailer and like to camp out while enjoying the weather and scenery as well as visiting any near-by attractions. The summer is way too hot for me and the winters are kinda bland; no snow in most places for winter aesthetics and too much in others for safe travel. Of course, there are exceptions, but mid to late summer and winter destinations usually have a sole purpose and come complete with a motel room.

Texas is a geographically diverse state with several completely different regions. Some are magnificent and others are just some place to get through in a hurry so that you can get to the good stuff.

We took our spring trip in April. The first region we went to was the Texas Hill Country. It is located in Central Texas. The land is rolling to hilly grassland. It sits on the Edwards Plateau. Alot of people think of Texas as being flat as a pancake with roads as straight as a string going on as far as the eye can see. And, a good part of it is. But not all of it. This photo was not taken on this trip. It was taken in the Hill Country on an early fall morning.

This year, however, we went for the spring flowers. Specifically the Texas Bluebonnet that grows prolifically along the roadsides and in the fields. They grow all across Texas, but they do love the Hill Country. When seen from a distance, massive fields can often be mistaken for bodies of water. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't entirely cooperative, and I was unable to take many landscape pictures to fully show off this phenomenon without getting gray skies.

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  1. Hello there...I was googling images of Texas Blueblonnets to use as a guide for making a gumpaste flowers (long story with that) anyway I came across your photo taken in the country hills of Texas from the road. We are heading down there in a few months and when I saw that picture I told my SO that I want to go to THAT spot. He said "ok fine but you are going to have to figure out what road and where it is". so, I figured I would just ask if you could remember the name of the road or anything that would help us find it... And great photos by the way!!!