Monday, January 29, 2007

Meet Cat

Last year a momma raccoon started bringing her babies to the porch so they could eat out of the cat's bowl. We, Papa, Granny, Aunt Chel, and the 2 granddaughters, used to peek out the glass in the storm door to watch while arranging ourselves in a stairstep fashion so we could all see. The raccoons probably enjoyed our antics as much as we enjoyed theirs but they were more leery of us than we were of them. They would never have let me out to photograph them.
This year we have not seen the momma, but at least one (and we think more) still comes to the porch to eat. This one is not as leery as he once was and does not seem to mind my stepping out on the porch to take his picture while he is enjoying his dinner.
We named him CAT!

Update: One night we went to look out at the raccoons..stairstep fashion as usual. Imagine our suprise when we saw they were standing on the porch on their hindlegs staring into the door at us.

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