Friday, February 25, 2005

A Touch of Asymmetry

This is the other photo that was entered into the Touch of Color photograpy contest. It won.

This photo has been a point of contention ever since I took it.

I have a big problem with most things that are perfectly symmetrical. I know there are some things that look better, in fact, need to be symmetrical, but in my world they are rarer than one might think.

I first entered this photograph in my local camera club's weekly photo contest. It won that contest and went on to win the monthly contest as well.
That made it eliglbe for the Photograph of the Year contest to be judged by 3 professional photographers. 1 judge liked it....1 didn't. He didn't like the slight asymmetry. He thought it needed to be straight or more asymmetrical.

When I set this up to photograph, I set it up with the background stripes perfectly straight. I did not like it at all. I then changed to a more pronounced diagonal. I didn't like that either. The background became the focus instead of the bottle. So, I shot it with the background on a slight diagonal. I love it. Since I shoot for me, that was enough. Thankfully, the tie breaker judge liked it as well. It won Photograph of the Year.

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