Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Mystery of the Shrinking....


This is a photo of a project I did when Make-the-Cut was first released for the Cricut.
It is a Hershey's Nugget Wrapper and belly band.

For Easter, I bought some Nuggets to add to my baskets and decided I would "brush off" the old file and create some wrappers to fancy them up.
Since the file fit the Nugget quite well and cut beautifully, I just loaded it up and cut some.

Imagine my surprise when I added the recently purchased Nugget.

Is this indicative of...Charge you roughly the same...just reduce the amount you get for those same dollars?
Or did I miss the wording "bite size" on the packaging? It is long gone, so I can't check to see.

Anyway, it was easy enough for me to change the file to fit the new size.

It's cute and makes me laugh.