Monday, March 09, 2015


I still haven't done anything with the Rooster diecut. I think I have a tickling of an idea. Maybe.

I have been prowling the web for some inspiration.
As usual, I always end up off topic and spend time that I don't have on subjects that, though fascinating, are not productive. I am, however, starting to learn a little about myself.

I must be the only person in the world that abhors the sweetened shortening that is laughingly called frosting inside of an Oreo cookie. Most people twist them apart and lick the filling before eating the cookie.
I twist them apart and scrape off the filling before eating the cookie.

I don't dislike any color. I do have some I like better than others, but I can't think of one with which I could not work.

I can only think of two or three foods that I will not eat...period. I can think of just a few more that I would prefer not to eat. I am still searching for a good meatloaf recipe, so if you have one, send it my way. A little jalapeno or habanero sauce will fix most things...except meatloaf.

I really enjoy cooking. I am surprised at how many don't and at how many don't know how. Maybe it's because I like to eat.

I find housework satisfying, but only when I am in the mood. Then I like to clean from top to bottom and bottom to top. Otherwise, I find it an annoying distraction and just something that has to be done.

I love graffiti! I fully understand that it can be unsightly in some places and costly to remove, but the talent that is displayed is usually amazing; the colors stupendous. I love it when an area is zoned graffiti safe.

I told you I was badly veering off subject.

To get back on track, I took a scanned image of the actual colored rooster and created an image of an old cafe sign painted on a brick wall.

While the rooster is a scanned image of my hand colored design, everything else has been digitally created.
A cafe called the Chicken Shack doesn't exist in Fort Worth as far as I know.

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