Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I've Had Some Time Off

Now it is time to get down to business. I can't believe the number of things I have on my "to do" list.
I have so many new things I want to try to do and and many things I want to learn.
Selfishly, I have declared this to be the year of ME.

In the meantime, I actually got a Valentine card finished well before Valentine's Day.

It is a 6" x 6" card. The doily around the heart is a free svg file I downloaded from:
I enlarged it enough to surround my heart shape, ignoring the shape of the existing heart in the center of their file. Just glued right over it because it wasn't going to show anyway.

The heart was the fun part of the card. I cut it from cereal box cardboard. I needed something sturdy enough to paint.
I applied gesso to both the front and back so that I would have a solid white surface to paint. The paint I used, Phthalocyanine Green (whew) tube acrylic, is translucent. I didn't want Snap, Crackle or Pop to show through the "Thalo" Green. Why both sides? If I messed one side up, I would have the other side ready to work on. Know thyself!

I created a stencil with an airy, lacy design. I centered the stencil over my heart shape and filled the holes with Liquitex Gloss Heavy Gel and a palette knife. After removing the stencil, I applied DecoArt Glamour Dust to the wet gel and let it dry completely. I was then able to dust off any stray Glamour Dust.
Unfortunately, the shimmer of the Glamour Dust does not show up well in the photo. Glamour Dust is beautiful and one of my all time favorites.

The rest of the card is squares and strips of paper cut to the appropriate sizes. The embossing was done with a Spellbinder embossing folder and the Grand Caliber. I placed the heart off center to allow room to add a label or sentiment.

The heart stenciling could easily be done on regular cardstock. I like the effect the highlight in the center gives the piece. This could be achieved by inking the outside edges a darker color, I think. Seems to me that might be easier, but I don't have a ton of ink. I do have a ton of paint.

I've done this technique in the past using DecoArt Texture Glass instead of the Gel Medium. It appears to be a little thicker. It has also gotten scarcer than hen's teeth and impossible to find. Both mediums dry transparent which is necessary to achieve the look I was striving to get.

At any rate, I like the appearance of the finished product. I did some flat ornament shapes at Christmas and used them for package embellishments. I also enjoy painting lace. You can get a lot daintier with a brush than you can with a stencil. But, that's for another time.

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