Sunday, February 16, 2014

More popups

I closed my studio at the end of December to my art and pottery classes and have been enjoying being able to do whatever I want, or not. Make-the-Cut released their new software, Popup Card Studio, at just the right time for me to have the time to play. I am having so much fun.

A friend of mine is hosting a country breakfast at her family reunion this summer. She really likes the popups I have been doing lately and asked if I could do one for her invitation. Although she is a friend and I don't mind, I do NOT want to turn another hobby into a job or something I have to do. But, I agreed to design and complete one if she would do the rest. I am glad she did agree because I need to go back to kindergarten and take a remedial course in taping and gluing.
This is what the inside of the invitation is going to look like.

I create my graphics in a number of ways. I draw and color them digitally from scratch, I create them from photographs that I take, like the wood, gravel, and dirt textures on these, or I crop them from something that I have painted in the traditional manner. This chicken was first painted on a ceramic bowl with fired ceramic color which works a lot like watercolor. The Subway Art background was created in Photoshop. I used 4 or 5 different fonts and blended a couple of different textures with the background to give the sign an older look. My husband helped me think of all the words to put on it and I used some Photoshop custom shapes to fill in the blank areas.

Here's a 300DPI version of the Hen

Here's a 300DPI version Of the Subway Art Background

This one was a homework assignment given out in one of the webinars. Make a bench popup. Completely pressure but I loved the one that Susan at Susan Blue Robot did and wanted to try.
While I like the concept of my bench, I do not like the execution. It is poorly made and much too fragile. So now I get to do another one or figure out how to correct the one I've already done. This is not a bad thing. I really enjoy what I consider to be my more successful ones, but I certainly learn more with my mistakes.

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