Monday, January 27, 2014

Pleased as Punch

Making a popup card has been on my card making bucket list for some time now. Some members of the forum for Make-the-Cut, the software that I use to cut to my Blackcat Cougar die cutting machine, have been interested for awhile. There has even been a few webinars covering the basic how-to... I just haven't had the time to sit down and figure out the mechanics.

Well, the owner and programmer for Make-the-Cut has added a stand alone popup card designer to his repertoire. POPUP CARD STUDIO.
It is a 3D popup card generator that is quite amazing. If you have worked with 3D software before, you should be a able to quickly grasp the interface. I would suggest that you spend some time exploring the software, getting familiar with the functions and watching the many supporting videos that have been created. POPUP CARD STUDIO works seamlessly in concert with Make-the-Cut software but is, by no means, limited to Make-the-Cut. It is not even limited to digital cutters nor any other digital software. The project can be saved as a .pdf file, printed and cut by hand. It also saves a native file and will export to a svg file.

I have never before made a popup card so am not familiar with the ins-and-outs of creating one. Nevertheless, I was able to create this card in POPUP CARD STUDIO and Make-the-Cut.

As popups go, this is a really simple one. Especially when compared to some of the ones that are being created on the forum. I do intend to create more. I am addicted.

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